Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Night!

Last night Caleb and Will Franklin rocked the Sprint Center. We were ready for them to play all night! Can't wait to hear them live again. I'm guessing that next time they will be the main event. Check them out here:

Caleb at the Sprint Center, Feb 4, 2010. Here's the rest of their tour schedule.

Tegegne checking out the boys backstage room.

Will Franklin --who rocks an unbelievable beat, Tegegne, and Michael.

We had to introduce them to Oklahoma Joes, Wednesday night. Amen for BBQ! Tegegne was licking the bbq sauce off of the fries. He wanted to take the bottle home!

Tegegne representing some Steven Curtis Chapman! --on his stocking cap--

Meeting Mark Hall --lead singer, songwriter--with Casting Crowns.

Tegegne meets Melodee DeVevo --Violin, Cello, Vocals-- with Casting Crowns.

We broke the toddler schedule last night and had Tegegne out until 10pm, but he did remarkably well. We had a blast with our friends and really enjoyed the music. We slept in until almost 9am this morning. Tonight we have tickets to Pilobolus in Lawrence. Thanks Mrs. Gu! We will either try to bring Tegen with us or he will stay with his dear Auntie Taryn. It should be an amazing show!

I just got a call from Aunt Donna and we are going to her house for lunch. Tegegne gets to meet more wonderful family. Can't wait for him to play with his cousin, Brayden who is about the same age! Fun, fun!


  1. um, hello little plaid shirt and sneaks. love that outfit on the little man.

  2. Love C & WF. . .miss those boys! That pic of T & his dad with WF...T looks JUST LIKE Michael!!!


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