Wednesday, February 10, 2010



You win the SuperKid award today, Little T. We ran 5 errands. Went to World Market and got some blue on blue paisley cloth napkins on sale, dropped by Tricia's to return her dishes, took our glass to the Ripple Glass purple bins, waited in a 15 minute line at the post office, and stopped by Cupcake A La mode in order to properly celebrate Jan's birthday tonight!

My favorite part of our day so far was when you squeezed/hugged me so tight with the biggest grin in the post office line that the others in line couldn't help but smile. Of course that hug included a big kiss from you, as all hugs do.

P.S. You gained 3 lbs in two weeks, which brings you up to 23 lbs. Nice work! I am so happy that you are growing, but I wish I was growing too so I wouldn't get so worn out carrying you through the stores.

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  1. "Jones-ing" to meet this little man! he is PRECIOUS!!!!
    email me soon so we can plan something!!!


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