Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eat and Sleep

Well, Tegegne. You know how to eat and you know how to sleep. This is very good. Last night Grandpa Ben could not believe the amount of Spin Pizza you were eating. The other day you insisted on falling asleep with pita bread in your hand. We tried to slip it out of your hand, and you woke up and grabbed it back. I think you are starting to understand that we are going to keep feeding you. Your little mouth holds open like a baby bird waiting for it's mothers worm, then we share a bite, or you feed yourself. You are very good at sharing food, as this is a strong tradition in your Ethiopian culture. Feeding one another at mealtime.

And you sleep all night and take a good nap right after lunch. A few days you've had two naps. Yesterday all four grandparents visited all afternoon. That was the most fun we've had yet.

We love you more each day. We are learning that parenthood is exciting, tiring, great, beautiful, rewarding, and requires a good amount of patience. Did I mention that we are tired? We are all learning and have had an eventful couple of weeks together. There is one thing that is always true. It was the second sentence I taught you. God is good. That's it. God is good.

We love you, son.

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  1. Love the update!! So glad he's a good eater and sleeper. That's important. Can't wait to meet the little man.


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