Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Guest Post: For Polly's Blog

Here is what we wrote for Polly's blog...a bit of a "what's-on-our-minds" update:

Hello there friends
We are the Joneses. Michael, Kristyn, Tegegne and Hensley. Polly asked that we blog-swap and share a bit of our story with you! Thanks for reading! We started our blog at the beginning of our adoption process and wrote letters to our son-to-be. Those letters to our son allowed us to bond with him before we knew him, just as a mother does with the child in her womb. Bringing Tegegne home (January 2010) was an incredible journey that we continued to write about. We thought we wanted to adopt all of our children, but decided to try for a biological child too. This past February, Hensley Ruth joined the family. Life is full and we love it!
(Tegegne is all boy...wild and adventurous...which explains the goose egg on his head!) 

Michael and I were sitting in church a few weeks ago and I could tell we were thinking the same thing. Afterwards we agreed that we both had adoption on our minds again. A few days ago, Tegegne randomly asked, "Mommy, are we going to adopt again?" (This threw me totally off guard!) "Well, we are thinking about it...why?" "I think we should because it's a new day and the sun is shining!" (What? It's a new day and the sun is shining? To me this response sounded like God speaking through my 4 year old...saying, what is stopping you? It's a new day...and the sun is out! When we started our last adoption process it was clear that God sent us on that wild journey. Michael and I are considering our next adoption the same way. Hoping to get a few "signs" that it's the right direction, because like most things we do...timing, finances, etc...don't always line up! God can be clear about something and it requires our faith to proceed. 

Anywho, we are still blogging about our day-to-day, pregnancy-labor-newborn-solid food...ya know the baby stuff, potty training, our adoption story and conversations with Tegegne, renovating our historic home in an urban neighborhood, and all the fun stuff we do in between! 

Here are a few more highlights:

Our Adoption (This was on of our first of many posts about our adoption. Either you read the journey backwards, or start here and go forward.)

And a few more photos:

Thanks again and have a lovely day!



  1. I saw that on Ms. Connor's blog but didn't comment! How fun that you are considering adoption again--and I LOVE T's response. You'll have to let me know if you think it's easier the second time around. We are learning so much but wow is it a process!


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