Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hensley: Baby's First Food!

So green, so good. It's baby Hensley's first food. Avocado! Hooray! Video is 7 minutes, but glad we captured this moment with her! Tegegne fed Hensley her first bite! It's day three (now) on avocado and she is enjoying it. No more gagging, like she did in the video!

We have frozen ice-cubed portions of carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Then bananas, apples

Here is a clip from a great article by Hensley's pediatrician, Dr. Natasha Burgert...

So, what are my general guidelines when it comes to starting infants on solid foods?

  • I encourage the families of healthy, normally-developing children* to start solids near or after 6 months of age.
  • I want parents to give babies a great variety of real food, in a safe way.
  • I think of pureed foods as practice and play to develop the skill of eating; nutrition is still from breast milk or formula.
  • I try to challenge my families to think outside of the Gerber-defined box and give babies interesting tastes, but no raw honey until after the first birthday.
That’s it. Go. Eat.

Wait a minute…. There has to be more. What about the rule about veggies first? Babies can’t have dairy, right? What about spicy stuff? They aren’t supposed to have strawberries or oranges, either!? My mom wanted to give her yogurt, and I told her “no.” Please don’t tell me she is right!?! And you have said nothing about rice cereal.
OK, so maybe there is a little bit more. But, likely not what you expect. When continuing the food conversation with families, some common myths creep to the surface.

Thanks Dr. Natasha for all of your good information!

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  1. Wow, she's taking it so well! Most babies I know spit it right out in the beginning!!! She is gorgeous.


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