Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend Part I: Ben & Marsa

Holy cow!!! We had the best weekend ever! Ben and Marsa visited us from Durham, North Carolina and it was such a treat. Ben and Michael went to high school together and we hadn't hung out since their wedding four years ago. We were able to pick right up where we left off, which is what a good friendship is all about! Thursday night we hung out in the back yard with some tasty lentil tacos with good corn tortillas. Friday we ate lunch with Michael's new 3rd grade class and made an appearance at the Liberty High School football game. 

(Ben & Marsa, Tegegne asked if you can come over again. He loves his new magnetic doll, Joey! We love you guys!)

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  1. oh, i love this post. Tegegne, I would LOVE to come back to your house again. We'll have to plan another trip. We love you guys! Ben and I secretly want to move back to KC and live next door to the Joneses.


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