Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tegegne: Conversations

Our conversations could be summed up like this: "Why Mommy? Why Ababayeh? Why? Why?"

T: Mommy, I'm so excited to see Lochlan and dance. Are you excited to dance? I'm so excited. 

(Gaga and MooMoo are your imaginary friends. You talk to them quite a bit lately.)
A: How old is Gaga? 
T: Three weeks and six...They are kinda black. Kinda red too. And the baby with them... named Zack. 
A: Do they speak French or English?
T: They speak squab.

T: Mommy, do you know where GaGa and MooMoo is? They are lost somewhere. They are outta town. Sorry mommy. Do you have a phone to call GaGa?...Mommy, GaGa is back. Jesus gave him back to us. See him at the school, he's dead. How sad. MooMoo has a broken leg. He can't walk that much. 

(Just woke up from your nap and looking scared...)
T: Mommy, the dogs were chasing me. They were so mean. Three of them. They were so big....I ran and ran.

T: That was so nice of Taryn to drive us to the airport so we could fly.........I saw a geese fly like we were drivin'. Geese, minks...I made a rhyme, mommy! Meet, skeet, sweet,, ha, ha, ha, I said sweet, street, meet! 

(Laughing while I was breast feeding Hensley you said...)
T: Mommy, your belly button looks sooo funny!
M: Don't laugh! That's not nice. It's because Hensley was in there and stretched it out.
T: Hensley. I think you should go to the belly button's broke...fix it please!

Ababayeh heard you mumble some French to GaGa and MooMoo yesterday. You also sent them to time out.  

M: Hand me my phone please. My battery is almost dead. I have to charge it.
T: Your battery is going to die?

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