Friday, August 12, 2011

Austin Part 5: This Is It!

Or Part 500. This is that last part of Austin. Jonathan and Tanya, we love you!

Ate at a lovely restaurant then the kids played in a big fountain in their underwear until way past bedtime. It was a great night. 

Funny face, Hens!  Gave you your first straw-full of water in this park b/c it was H-O-T.

Tegegne excuses himself without asking permission. Luckily the only others in the park were doing a modeling photo shoot. 

And I forgot all of the lovely places we toured. Our trip was fabulous. Besides seeing all of the great things Austin has to offer, we just liked catching up with good friends. We laughed a ton, talked about marriage and how exhausting parenting can be...laughed some more and enjoyed each other in a this new phase of life. Guelich's we love you. Thanks for hosting us so well. 

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  1. Love seeing your trip in pictures. Austin is one of our favorite cities. Welcome home!!


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