Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friends: Adopting & Selling

1. So these dear friends of ours are near the best part of their Ethiopian adoption...traveling to bring their son home! It's also the hardest part because their timeline to travel has changed and is still not concrete. They have met their son in Ethiopia, got to feed him his first solid food, and had to come home and wait. If you would please, pray for Aaron and Heather and dear Baby Arthur! May they reunite soon!

Adorable Baby pink!
2. On a bittersweet note...they are also moving out of Kansas City back to their homeland of Texas. We are seriously sad about this, but I know that as new parents they will love being near their family. So, here's another way we can help them...

3. Buy their cute house in the darling Brookside neighborhood...OR tell a friend who may!

More photos here!
4. Did I tell you that Arthur's nursery (or Stateside Vintage Suite) was published on Apartment Therapy's ohdeedo? (Aaron is a musician and artist, and Heather is a graphic designer and artist too!)

5. Lastly, you have to check out Aaron and his pals' band: The Himalayan Adventure League!

We love you Hales!!!

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