Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Guest: Learn and Go by Polly

Hey There Bicycle Basket Readers!

My name is Polly and I'm excited to blog swap with the Micheal and Kristyn! I'd love for you to swing by my blog, Learn and Go when you have a chance. I describe it as a "blending of creativity, frugality, home, life and family."
About four months ago, we had our first kiddo, Adelyn. (click here for the whole story) Every day has been an adventure... some more exciting than others :)
In my spare time, I like to sniff out good deals, be crafty, re-purpose old furniture, sew, and of course hop around in blogland. Here's a sneak peak of some projects you can read more about at Learn and Go.

And of course, lots of baby and mama stuff...
Hope you can follow along as we Learn and Go through this crazy life!

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