Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bears & Kitties & Eagles: Oh My

Tegegne the "Kissing" Bear, Olive the Cat (Her Mom's Vintage Costume!), and Coco the Eagle (homemade and amazing!)

Little Lamb, Norah the Sweet Cheeked Monkey, and Hensley the Tiny Fairy! 

Bears and Kitties and Eagles, Oh my! 
Lambs and Monkeys and Fairies, Oh Baby My! 

Central Library on a Tuesday morning is the place to be. Especially this week! Storytime with Ms. Claire and a bonus short film in the Vault in your costumes! Olive and Tiger and your newest buddy Coco + their fun mamas make it quite a highlight of week.  Plus Hensley's friends Norah, Kai (the Samurai!), and Theo. We love you all!  

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  1. What fun pics. Your kiddos are just too cute for words.


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