Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Warriors: Kitchen Cabinets

Well, okay. So the real weekend warrior is not in the photos above. That would be dear 'ol Ababayeh who is plumbing our kitchen sink as I type on this fine Sunday evening in Kansas City. We are both exhausted and ready to get the water back on, clean up, and hit the hay. Still workin' though. His most recent quote was, "Hey! At least we aren't paying someone to do this!" 

The first photo is the assembled cabinets in the living room, but they have all settled into the kitchen now. The bright blue color is the film, too bad its not the color of the cabinets, eh?

Besides working hard we have had some fun. Saturday morning we took a family bike ride on Cliff Drive to this new coffee shop on the Avenue with friends. Best part being Tegegne riding his very-own-big-guy-no-training-wheel-bike the whole way and back! It was so fun to ride alongside him and see his deep concentration and little legs spinning so fast! 

We are so glad to have Taryn and Micah back from their honeymoon to Spain! I'll have them "guest blog" so you can see some of there photos! 


WM (Warrior Mama)

P.S. Hensley, sorry your teething again. I really hope 2 am comes and goes tonight without notice! 

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