Thursday, October 14, 2010

September Fun

A lovely fireplace at a house we are interested in...
You and Geo found a lion on our house hunt

Boy party at the park with Jeremy and Zion
Good friends, good party, a one year old birthday party that is!
Ethiopian dinner with the Jennifer, Nick, & Annabelle
A future pool hall goer, watch out Grandpa Orville! At Dolphin Gallery Tribute to a Friend Celebration

Good food, good people, good music. Dolphin Gallery Celebration.

The boys with a little too much cheese. I left early for a Mom's Night Out and I heard you and Ababayeh danced the night away.

Time to pull out the cozy French pjs from Bayonne. It's chilly!

1 comment:

  1. cute cute

    Hope you all can make it to the Halloween playgroup party.
    P.S. So excited it's a girl!!


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