Friday, October 22, 2010

These People, Real People

Welp, I've gotten two reports that you are having a blast with Grandma Debby and Grandpa Ben. You get to play at their place from Thursday to Sunday and are loving every minute.

I started my morning with a surprising 6am wake up and Sunrise Yoga, then I stopped at The Filling Station to get a pumpkin spice steamed milk. Yum. Made with whole milk. Double yum.

And this is the part that I've been hoping for. I got to spend the morning helping with showers over at Cherith Brook. Showers for people who don't have a home, a bathroom, a shower, a place to heat up coffee, or make a meal. People who may have had a rough start, or a rough middle, or for a number of reasons are in a tough spot, just trying to make it. Our society doesn't offer much space for these people. It was so good for me to be with them today. These people that I may see later begging for change in a busy intersection, pushing a loaded shopping cart down the sidewalk because they just got run out of one place by the police and are looking for a new spot to land. People that are struggling with an addiction, looking for a job, and are so glad to be in a place where they are offered a warm shower and a cup of coffee.

Why was this one of the best mornings I've had in a while? Because I got to be on the same playing field, eat the same meal, and see these people as real people. I wasn't just in the church pew, or sitting at home reading about the poor and thinking of how I could "lend a hand." It wasn't a feel good moment because I got to serve them through cleaning the toilets and showers. It was just being present to them, with no judgements or motives.

I hope to find myself around these people more often, to be able to see the scriptures from their perspective. To catch a glimpse of life in their shoes. I am so thankful for the space at Cherith Brook, and all that God has yet to show me.

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