Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop & Listen

I often realize that winter comes quickly in the midwest and I've forgotten to fully take in the wonderful fall days. It is so good to stop and listen to the leaves falling, and changing color before me.

Tegegne, you make us smile so much. We are picking up leaves together and noticing their vibrance. We've been singing more, and you've been so sweet with remembering the baby in my tummy. You and Ababayeh had a blast the past two days, while I got some time to swim, (ahhh, so rejuvinating), have a Mom's Night Out, and shop with Grama Debby! You strolled with Ababayeh tonight while he ran 8 miles. After the run you both stretched out your tired muscles, and you were totally cracking him up! We will be mega fans next week as he runs the Kansas City Marathon with Gerard!

You, child of my womb, are in fact made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Yes, a girl...what fun! At the 20 week ultrasound she assured me that if any boy part was to grow it would already be there. And you looked all girl to us! It's so fun to feel you move in there. Can't wait until the boys can feel you.

A kind lady and her son looked at our house today. They loved it and are looking at banks to get approved for a loan to buy our house! Stay tuned.


  1. so exciting that you found out that you're having a girl! congratulations. this was such a sweet post. hi to tegegne xo

  2. I absolutely LOVE the new heading pic on your blog!


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