Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tipi Tent Time

Had fun with you today, little fellow. Your dad helped Socmack put windows in his house and now he is out to a movie with a friend. So we've spent most of the day together, with our big dog Owen. We had another person look at our house, which is great, but takes work. Usually we try to bring our big dog Owen while people are looking so he doesn't interrupt a potential sale, which means we are much more limited in where we can go. So we naturally ended up at the dog park. It's a good spot in the city for doggie social hour, but we both left with a bit of poo on our shoe.

We ended our night with some tipi tent time in our bedroom! We got out the head lamps and read a good stack of books, sang some songs, and got cozy. I thought you would be so excited to sleep in the tent in our room tonight, but you tossed and turned trying to fall asleep. When I asked if you want to sleep in your own bed, you definitely said yes. And on the way downstairs you said, "Rock me, mommy!" So we got to your room, I swayed back and forth with you a few times, and you were out. 

Sleep tight, Tegegne.


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