Monday, October 25, 2010

Woogee Boots

Can't wait to get your new boots in the mail. Your chuck taylors are the only thing that fit right now, and these should be easier to get on your feet. They are washable, made of post-consumer recycled goodness, and are quite comfy. You went through the Doodles quite quickly, and I'm hoping these size 9's last all winter.

On the home front, people are looking, grabbing our flyer out of the box, but no bites yet. One almost offer, but not. I'm ready to take my mind off of it. I would love to start getting our baby girls room ready, and I hoped that'd be in a new place. Patience, will you please greet me at the door and stay awhile?


  1. I've been silently following your blog for awhile, and got to meet you guys (well, your husband and the ever adorable Gunyea), but I HAVE to know if these adorable boots are available in adult sizes?! I LOVE them!!!

  2. Super cute! If only we lived in a climate with snow-- I'm sure my boy (ok, mama) would have to have them too :)


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