Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kids: Little Helper & Responsibility

Hi cute boys. I like you. Hens, I like you too! By the way, I feel like I dogged on you a bit with the whole crying often in the last letter, but you totally made up for it on Friday. We ran errands allll daaaay long. You were so good and we had fun laughing, hugging, and finding some things for summer (backyard pool, suit for mommy, sun hat for you...) Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for being such an enjoyable little helper. 

Tegegne, tonight Ababayeh gave you the keys and told you to pull the truck up. You said okay and gladly took the keys and headed for the truck. You successfully found the right key, unlocked the door and climbed in the drivers seat. Then Ababayeh said, you wish! Not quite yet, son! 

Then I was thinking. If you were in Ethiopia, you would have lots of responsibility. I mean, probably not driving trucks around, but you might have a donkey and a cart on wheels that you rode to town and back!

(first photo by lauren, second photo)

I wrote to Birth Mom, via a man named Solomon, and hope to hear news from them soon. We shared your special prayer story, and asked that Solomon print it and take it to read to Birth Mom. I hope he is still able to do this, and we hear a bit of good news from her as well. 

Here are two special photos of your dear Birth Mother and I embrassing. She holds a dear place in my heart. 

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