Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fab Finds: Retro Furniture

On our way home from a fabulous St Louis weekend, we stopped at one of the famous Iman Auction's in mid-Missouri. And yes, you guessed it...we bought this mustard gold sofa + two accompanying blue swivel chairs (not pictured), the Chromcraft blue vinyl sofa set with tables, as well as a new retro dining table and 6 chairs! We scored big time! 

Iman Auction happens to be my parents family-owned business which my grandfather started many moons ago. Their auctions are mostly in the Columbia and North of Columbia, mid-MO region, but at times they have auctions in Kansas City. And, check this one-and-only brother, Eric Iman, holds online auctions, and will soon head to Kansas City to continue the family business in our neck of the woods!!! He and my father also do real estate! 

Dear Dad,

Thanks for showing me the importance of remembering someone's name, giving a firm handshake, and being a good, honest person. When we were at your auction yesterday we noticed how the people there highly respect you. I feel so proud when I get to say I'm Ben Iman's daughter. 




Dear Eric,

You can find humor anywhere and your laugh is so enjoyable. People love being around you. It was so neat to see how you supported Erica during her show this weekend and through her time in grad school. Good work, bro. I love being introduced as your little sister!



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  1. Those are amazing finds! I love the gold couch.


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