Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Joneses: And Keeping Up

Today I got a feeling similar to the one I had a night before a final design project deadline in college. Like, Oh am I going to get all of this done? Back then I was an "Iman" and now I'm a "Jones," so it's like I am trying to keep up with myself. Here's my sort of to-do list...

We are hosting Easter this Sunday and I cannot wait to enjoy a nice meal with the family! Cooking a ham, lamb, potatoes, deviled eggs, sautéed green beans, a fruit salad, and Michael's rolls...yum! Had two interior design meetings today...and now I must get to work on those projects! Must make the kids Easter baskets, a new tradition for us. Plus put the bunny ears on our stone lions out front! Hosting a dear friends baby shower and planning with friends to make it super sweet! Finally unpacked our bags from spring break, but haven't even started that the dryer isn't getting fixed until Monday! Purging wardrobe to keep summer pregnancy items that will actually planning for my clothing swap April 26th (coming ladies?) Thinking ahead for the neighborhood Holiday Homes Tour that I agreed to even though we will have a newborn baby! Ha! Michael said tonight that'd he'd have the first floor projects kick butt is that? That means a bathroom, smoothing and painting walls, lighting in kitchen, we like have to decorate our house for Christmas. Should be fun and a lot of work. It's around Thanksgiving, so if you'll be in town stay tuned! Getting quotes for a back yard fence. Need one asap to keep my children corralled outside. Much be outside as much as possible during these nice days! (Note: If my children are crying or having afternoon fits, I try to go outside where all of there troubles blow away with the wind!) Friday night: Good Friday Service at church, 3 year old birthday party Saturday, date Saturday night with Michael, and Easter on Sunday! 

In the midst of our springtime lots-of-things-a-goin'-on may we remember that there is only one real "to do" list. Breathe, eat, sleep. And for us mothers, make sure the rest of the family is breathing too!

Good night and happy breathing!

- Kristyn


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