Monday, April 9, 2012

Tegegne Dena: 4 1/2 Years Old

Oh, Tegegne Dena Jones. Your life blesses us so much. You are 4, almost 5. We are full of joy when we think of what God did in bringing you to us. You love riding your bike. Remember when Ababayeh taught you on your 4th birthday? No training wheels, just lots of pads. You were both determined even though you fell a ton. Now you ride like a champ. You are still inquisitive, and ask how everything works or why things happen like they do. You are growing up. You know that God loves you, and that Jesus cares enough for you to give his life. (And I'm crying, now.) You are well loved, my child.

We talked about Birth Mom a bit yesterday, but hadn't discussed anything regarding your adoption in a while. You said we should see her someday, so Lord willing, we will try. Otherwise, there's not been much adoption talk. Just family life as usual. People probably still look at our family and try to figure us out, but I must be less aware. It's nice. 

The other day we had two guys estimating our fence and you had been out riding your bike while we were all in the back yard. We were walking in the house, the two guys, you, Hens and I. One of the guys stopped and asked, "Do you know him?" referring to you! I gave him a look like are you crazy, and then replied, "Yes, I know him. He's my son!"

We are quite glad that we have these photos of the "little you." We look forward "big you" photos someday to go next to these. Since you love photo shoots, and such, we sent this last photo to the Gap Casting Call, in hopes to win a photo shoot and shopping spree! 

Love you bug,


(photos by lauren)

1 comment:

  1. Such a handsome kid. Miss hanging with him.
    We sent pics of Arthur to Gap, too. Haha.
    Maybe they will both win?
    Love you guys. See you soon, I hope!


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