Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversations: And the Daily

Tegegne: Mommy, what should I play with?
Mom: You could make a village with your little cars and your big Tonka trucks could take over the village.
T: Oooorrrrr?
M: Or you could play baby, and you could be the daddy...and the mommy.
T: Well, I don't want to play those. I'm bored.
M: You know what? I'm okay with you being bored. Because when you're "bored" you just might become creative and invent something. 
(Then you stomped off with an umph and found a balloon and proceeded to keep it off for the next hour.)

We've been listening to an Elizabeth Mitchell's music station on Pandora. It's fun to dance around a bit while we do our thing.  

I also have a note for your sister.

Dear Hensley,

I love you so, but oh baby I must say you cry a lot. See, you would be so content if I could carry you everywhere. If I let you cry for a sec, you can sometimes get over it and play. You see, we've all got some adjustments coming our way. Mommy's tummy is increasing by the minute, and soon enough it's going to be mainly piggy back rides! 

I was thinking through this yesterday. How can I be in tune with your needs, but also get things done with less of your tears. One thing that dawned on me is that unless we are outside playing or doing something mega fun, you are still a two nap a day gal. And with summer coming, the afternoon nap should be later in the day so you don't lose it during dinner around 6. You still love sleep, and I cannot forget this! 

On a brighter note, you love really tight hugs and we are having the sweetest moments cuddling. 

Love you and Tegegne too,


(photo by lauren.)

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