Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby + Party: Boy or Girl + Recipes

What will you be little baby? We should find out this Friday at our sonogram! Then we will give you a name and get more excited for your arrival this fall. 

I've been thinking of you more often. Especially because I feel you moving. That's nice. At my last appointment, I had to choose whether or not to do the testing to find out if you have down syndrome, or other things. We waved that test. I just want to let you know, that we'll love you with all our might no matter what.

So will you be a boy or a girl? Tegegne says boy. Ababayeh says girl. Grandpa Ben guessed girl, Grandma Debby thinks boy. I also think you are a boy. Hens probably is rallying for a sister to play dolls with, that won't want to wrestle her...or she may want a brother who won't be sharing her wardrobe! 

On another note, the Ladies Night, Shop and Swap was a total blast. I think there were 43 lovely women here. Wished I could have visited more with everyone. It was so fun to hear of everyone enjoying their new outfits!

We hope to have a low key family week before Michael heads off to France next week.

P.S. Here were a few of the recipes from the party!

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