Monday, April 16, 2012

FYI: Dangerous Game Among Teens

I don't share news stories often, but heard this devastating story on NPR this morning. A mother was being interviewed and her teenage son had recently died from the "choking game." The game has many slang names and is a huge fad among middle schoolers and teens. Anyway, please inform yourself via the links below or your own research. I heard that story this morning and got this huge urge to educate the teens I know before they are pressured into playing this "game" that they know nothing about. 

Choking Game, Wikipedia

Pass-Out Game,  Chicago Tribune

Pass-Out Game, NY Daily News

God, I pray for these kids that get curious and pressured into this "game." Please have mercy on them, and give their young minds wisdom to know that it is dangerous. I pray for the teens I know and Lord have mercy on our children who will someday be teens! Amen.


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