Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tegegne: Conversations + Life

Tegegne, you were such a darling little nugget with a huge noggin'! We love this photo that was on all of your embassy paperwork, and just framed your Ethiopian birth certificate in our kitchen. You still have a large forehead, and many shirts struggle to get over it. We love it. It has actually been months since you got a goose egg on your forehead, and I think we may be moving on! You are growing into a kind, funny, gentle boy, and of course you are still full of life. That energy is being used more productively these days, and we see you growing into a fine oldest brother role model kind of kid. This is not coming without much effort...timeouts and good discipline in love. : )

Mommy: "Tegegne, come here! Have you looked outside? It's a Magical Mystery kind of day!"
Tegegne: Don't say that's just fog.

(Last night was sad for our family...our dear friend Mike is no longer staying with us.)
Tegegne: "Don't woowwy mom! It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna be here....but somedays I'll go to school  and I won't be here. Okay?"

Then during our dinnertime prayer you had one arm around me and one around your father. Hens was already sleeping. Your arm squeezed tightly around me and your little fingers were squeezing my shoulder, giving me a little massage. It was so kind. 

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