Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Conversations: Nicknames & Meetings

Yesterday, while sitting at lunch, Mike thought Hensley needed a nickname. Not just any nickname...

Mike: I think Hensley need a black nickname. Can I give her one?
Me: Sure!
Mike: Okay...Fhat, Fhat! Gotta have a black spellin' too...F-H-A-T, F-H-A-T! 
(Hensley, in case this nickname you know where it came from...the biggest friend you have, Mike! You like him so much! He is pretty fond of you too! And Tegegne. Phew! You two fight and play like brothers. You and Mike. It's hilarious!)

Needless to say, we are getting some good laughs over here on Wabash Avenue. We love having Mike here. I had a meeting tonight and the boys laughed the place up (Hens was sleeping.) I was out with a new interior design client. My second new client this week! I'm quickly becoming way busy, as I'm working with two couples who own Brookside wants kitchen and bath designs and the other wants furniture layouts and selections. I do love the work and am giddy about helping people make their homes super cool. Kind of nice to make a little money too! It's going to be a full week. 

We hope you enjoy your week! 



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