Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodnight: 2011

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Well hello there, two-thousand and twelve. How are you? What are you thinking creeping up on us like that? I mean, I'm glad you're here...or I guess you'll be cool and all but to be honest I wasn't eagerly anticipating your arrival. My apologies. 

And to you, two-thousand eleven...I didn't even say good bye. Let me do so by thanking you for the following.

For some reason the first thing that I want to thank you for is the introduction of childbirth last Feburary 28th. Odd, I know. I guess it was such a monumental time for me. Bonded my husband and I like crazy and it made me realize that any other stubbing of my toe or tear shed was a drop in the bucket compared to the pain and beauty of birthing a small child. So thanks. For those 26 hours that changed my perspective forever.

Thank you for the fruit of that labor. Hensley Ruth Jones. She's a keeper.

It's never easy to say thanks for letting us have tough times in our marriage and as a family. But I'm going to take a gulp and thank you anyway. It's often through the toughest situations that we see God in a deeper and richer way. Experiencing God's overwhelming love for us. "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." 

Thanks for all of the laughter in our home. Often over dinner with friends, while Tegegne tries so hard to tell a joke with a good punch line. Or right after dinner when he dances his little booty all around the house. 

Thanks for this house. Okay I'm realizing that it feels weird to be thanking "two-thousand-eleven" for all this stuff...let me just get down to business and rephrase that. Thank you God for these things that You did in our lives this past year. Okay, now I can get back to it...this house. Wow, its so grand. Big windows, big light. Old wood, what delight. Cold in winter, hot in summer...but we love you anyway old house. Exposed brick, sweet new kitchen, and more projects to come. (Michael has one more week of Christmas break, wink, wink.)

Was introduced to pinterest and got an ipad. Wohoo. Big events for sure.

Also thankful for all Michael's chocolate chip cookies I consumed. I wonder how many I ate...did I eat more than him? That may be a good thing to keep a tally of for 2012. 

Thank you for my best friends wedding. My dance parties with my son. My glasses of wine with my husband. My breast-feeding-bonding-with-my-babe. Our getaways to Big Sky. My le Creuset. Hot cups of tea. And God's grace on thee.

Goodnight 2011. Thanks for the good times.


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  1. Thank you, daughter of mine for the love of grandchildren. And of course Michael, thank you too


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