Thursday, January 5, 2012

Conversations: Big and Little

T: Mommy, are we going to the wec center tonight? Well, here's our lock. I'm sitting it wight here. We can't forget it this time!

T: Are we getting two more kids adopted yet? Are they coming now?!
Me: Not yet, we have to get an agency first. 

M(ike...not Michael): Can I go get Hensley?
Me: No, she's napping! Why?
M: Well, I feel bad for her. She's been sleeping too long.
Me: (laughing a little...)Oh, Mike. Don't worry. She will wake up happy. Babies and small children need much more sleep than one would think. 

T: Ababayeh, let's westle! I'm gonna beat you because I'm 15 tall.

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