Friday, January 13, 2012

Conversations: Tegegne

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Mom: Criss, cross, applesauce. Make a loop, wrap around, pull through...(I'm trying to make up a song while tying Tegegne's shoe slowly...He reaches in, eager to gain shoe-tying-independence and pulls the loops tightly!
Tegegne: Mom, what kind of college am I going to go to?
(As if tying his shoe will get him steps...)

T: Hensley, you've gotta dwive wight on the woad...get out of my garden!...we are fighting...(Hensley, you really do like tumbling around with your bro...and when you don't like it you b-line out of the room with your mad crawling skills. 

M: Tegegne, can you carry this (a small humidifier) to our sleeping porch? 
T: Sure...(he picks it up, grunting with Hensley crawling behind him)
M: Hensley, don't bother Tegegne while he's doing his job. (He took a break, sitting the humidifier on the floor.)
T: It's okay mom! She can bother it. She can touch my job.

Oh kids. They say funny things and keep the little things in life enjoyable. It is also, along with marriage, one of the hardest jobs I signed up for. But I love it. Marriage too. Phew, so good and so hard all at once. Well, not really all at once. Thanks be to God.

Speaking of marriage. Had a wonderful time with that dear young man I call my husband tonight. Our first date night in a while. We enjoyed Extra Virgin's Happy Hour, and hope to get back there sooner than later. I like that spot, a lot. 

And lastly I should be working. I know...on our first date night in months I'm pulling a close-to-all-nighter to do one of my interior design jobs. Always takes longer than I hope, but its all good. I love it. And of course, I found time to blog instead of get my work done. 

Good night!

(Stole Michael's The Dark Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Bar (85% dark!) to get me going!)


Kristyn and Mom and Wife

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