Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hensley Ruth: 11 Months

You've almost done it, Little Stink Stink. Almost one year old. You still cry nearly every time you're strapped into the car seat. Good thing your cry is kind of low pitched, but really Hens. You've been eating lots of crackers and we've been weaning you off of breast milk with almond milk. We've also introduced peanut butter.  Still breast feeding at breakfast, lunch, dinner and almond milk at snack time. Also smoothies, and whatever we are having for dinner. You've been quite healthy thus far. Thank you Lord. Here's a bit from your doc, doc.

1.  "milks" for toddlers.
2. Nuts (peanut butter included), shellfish, and eggs.
The research regarding introducing solid foods is actively changing. This means the foods that have been traditionally restricted until later in toddlerhood (eggs, shellfish, peanut butter) are no longer on the “Do Not Have” list. In fact, some recent data suggests that delaying the introduction of high-allergy foods (shell fish, nuts, eggs) actually increases the risk of developing a food allergy. Other studies do not show an increase in allergic disease by starting allergenic foods early. In addition, adding dairy sources (cheeses, yogurt) and animal proteins (meat, chicken, pork, fish) can be added at any time. 

Love your doc!  

Love you too, Hens. 


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