Friday, January 6, 2012

Hensley Ruth: 10 Months!

You are always on your tippy toes!
Oh Hensley! You can throw down some dramatically sad faces!
Are you a baby genius, holding up 4 fingers at the large number 4? Or maybe you were trying to wave to brothers photos!

Happy 10 months old, baby girl. We are starting to see more of your personality and it is so much fun. You've said "kiss" and make a cute little lip smack trying to imitate me. You say "ma-ma" specifically now. "Da-da" was your first sound, but now you say that toward your "da-da." You give the cutest little wrinkly nose grin, especially for your brother and daddy. You are at the beginning phase of throwing a good fit. Haven't been interested in our random attempts to use the potty, but that could simply be that you haven't need to go when I've tried. We recently noticed that you associate your silky bunny blankie with thumb sucking and sleep,  so I've learned to bring it with us in the evenings. You stand alone, and walk while holding onto us. You like to crawl.

You don't know this yet, but you are most likely going to have two more African siblings.  I know I didn't have to say "African"on one sense, because at your age you will simply see them as more siblings to play with. One special thing about your relationship with Tegegne at this age is that you see him purely as your brother. I know from some eyes you may look like the "miracle" child, the biological one. I see so much of God's love through your relationship with your brother, and I am sure that you and Tegegne will learn to love these next two with the same heart. 

Thanks for being such a sweet baby, Hensley. We love you!

MaMa, DaDa, and Bu-Ba

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