Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thinking Of: All Things Fall

Fall is a sweet, sweet season that comes and goes too quickly. I mean, it couldn't get here soon enough in my book, but it sure doesn't stay long enough. Here are some key ingredients for fall that I'm looking forward to.

Love hoods. Love scarves.  This crocheted combo is the perfect match.

Apple pie or peach cobbler, a la mode of course.

Fingerless gloves + arm warmers...

Hot chocolate, of course...(do you prefer it with milk or water? We go all dairy around here. The creamier the better.)

 A bon fire. I love how mesmerizing the flames are. A good excuse to stay outside a little longer and cozy up with your honey.

And the most key ingredient for a fabulous fall...a coffee mug sweater, no doubt. Give that mug a little hug. 

Here's to a long and lovely fall!



(hooded scarf, apple pie, hot chocolatebon firemug sweater + gloves)

1 comment:

  1. Kristyn, thanks for sharing my scarf! You have a lovely blog! This post made me even more excited about fall :)


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