Monday, September 10, 2012

Due Date: Written In Ink


Due Date Official: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 8am. 

And now a shout out to my peeps:
Thanks honey, for the slumber parties and old Office episodes that make me laugh out loud.
Thanks Tara for the peppermint tea.
Thanks Katie for the in-house bang trim, + Nick and Judah for the visit, flowers, magazine, and air freshener!
Thanks Micah and Taryn + Hazel for the sparkling water + yummy tea and all of my other requests from home. Plus the extra visit this morning!
Thanks Amy, for walking in playing your ukulele and the laughs and the visit.
Thanks Alan and Shanna for the sweet flowers and visit. 
Thanks Aunt Donna for the massage, dinner, + Robert for the visit.
Thanks Mike and Deb for the visit, magazines, and KC Star.
Thanks Mom for the visits, the pretty flowers, + thanks to you + Dad for keeping the children. XO
Thanks children for coming in and kissing me, dancing for me, and for being my bestest pals.
Thanks Tricia and Sela for the stellar magazines and visit and the special lip gloss application. 

Love ya.


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