Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello From: The Place With Mauve Walls

Hi kids! So I put you down for your nap today, then took a little trip to the hospital. Really thought your brother was going to make an appearance today. The doc gave me this sheet of paper that said if this this and this happen call me. Well this and this (many close contractions + lots of bleeding) happened and I called but didn't get a hold of him. At that point I had to discern that it seemed to be an emergency, called dad, and got to the hospital. Looks like Fields is not coming today, but he and I are being monitored. Still having the this and this stated above, but not enough to do a c-section. Their goal is to keep baby brother inside for another week or two. 

As you can see above, I'm not in a lot of pain, just thought I'd give you a laugh! It is nice and quite here, with the sound of Fields really active heartbeat. 

Love you guys. Tegegne, hope your first day of school is super fun tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about it. Grandma and Ababayeh (and earlier Taryn and Micah) are helping me out lots, but I miss and love you both.

I'll be here overnight and will let you know when I learn more. Mmmmm, can't wait to find out my dinner options!



  1. the bridghams are praying for you guys. can't wait to meet fields (in another week or two).

  2. Glad you are OK! I think about you guys a lot -- can't believe #3 is arriving already! Love you all!

  3. Praying for you Kristyn! -Katie Scherer

  4. You are just awesome, Kristyn. So glad to know an update so I can be praying for you. I hope I can face motherhood with as much of a peaceful heart as you have!


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