Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dear Tegegne: You're Almost 5!

Dear Tegegne,

Hey little cutie. You’re turning 5 on September 20th, 
and we can hardly believe it. I think of the day we 
first met you and how much you’ve changed. I am so 
proud of the boy you are becoming. Thanks for loving
Ababayeh and I so much. Thanks for forgiving us, as 
we learn as we go just like you do. Thanks for being 
such a good big brother to Hensley. You are sooo
patient with her, and you often tend to her needs
before Ababayeh or I get to her.  

For your 5th birthday you’ve requested a bug cake,
which changed to Spiderman, then cheeta. You said
that it was okay if Fields was born on your birthday...
you’d share with him but you had an idea. He gets one 
present and you get lots of presents.You’re having four
friends over for dinner and a bon fire. The meal you picked
includes chocolate milk, chicken strips, and chicken fries. 

Your recent questions include: “Ababayeh, what is the 
fastest jet ever? Is a cheeta faster than that jet? Can you
run faster than a cheeta? Where do asternauts park their
rocket on the moon? Do you see that light? I think that’s
God shining. I want Norah and Jaylen to come on our
camping trip...and Hensley. How old do I have to be to
be in 7th grade?”

We were running errands when I started to go into early
labor and I asked you to pray for Fields and I. You 
started praying out loud right then, without hesitation. I love
you, Tegegne. Thanks for helping me out so much while
I am on “bedrest.” You bring me water and find my phone
multiple times a day!

You’re kind. You’re thoughtful. On a daily basis...”How was 
your sleep, Dad? Mom, how’s your dinner tasting? Hensley, 
here’s your bunny...can I have that toy back. please?” 



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  1. Oh these are lovely. I shed a little tear. I love these little messages to your kids, so beautiful.


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