Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brotherly Love: 1 Week and 5 Years

Good morning sweet little baby. You are one week old today. Ninety percent of the time I'm waking you to eat during the night, but as the weeks go by, I'll be doing this much less. But there's no reason for our roles to change, dear one. You can just keep on sleeping, k? I feel at peace and super content with you home. Your dad is doing a fine job at giving us rest, having the meals ready, and helping sweet Hensley through this big change in her life. Poor Hens. I was gone on bed rest then come home with a new baby. She loves you, and holds you and kisses you, but she's sometimes quite sad at me. 

Tegegne, you're 5 years old today! You are sooo happy to be 5, you're so happy about the Spiderman costume, like all boys your age are. Dad is busy making you a bug cake, and getting ready for your small but special party tonight. 

I love my boys. And that sweet sister sandwiched in between. Oh motherhood, what a blessing.



  1. love this. Tegegne's birthday shirt is awesome!! really feeling for Hensley. I'm the middle sister too and I remember the early days when my baby brother came home. Grace and strength to the Jones's!

  2. Happy Birthday Tegegne! Welcome Fields.


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