Friday, September 7, 2012

Test Results: Indeterminite

Hello, hello from Level Two, where the nurses are nice and all the sofas are blue. Had a few deciding tests today. An ultrasound determined that I do still have placenta previa, so we must do a c-section to get fellow out. The other test was an amniocentesis to determine Field's development, which will decide how soon he comes. That was an exciting really long needle into my belly, in which Fields had to steer clear of. There were two options for the test results. First the labs went to St. Lukes where they could say "good to go," "not quite yet," or "we have no idea" aka "indeterminite." Good to go would have meant he'd come Saturday or Sunday. Indeterminite from St. Lukes means the labs go to Mayo Clinic where they have no "indeterminite" option. They are en route now and we will get results...hmmm...tomorrow I hope.  

On another note, I showered and shaved this afternoon, and feel like a new woman. Grandma Debby is trying not to be worn out by my children, and I'm in the hospital on bed rest, monitors, and meds until further instruction.

That's all folks. Enjoy the cool weekend.



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  1. I'm sure this seems like a big drag and you're sad to miss T's first day of school and everything else that is going on in your home, but try to enjoy the peace and the rest! Party of 5 will be nuts! Make the most of your little vay-cay (big needles and all)!!! Love you!


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