Sunday, September 9, 2012

Due Date: Penciled In

Dear Fields Benjamin,

I've never heard one heartbeat for so long. In the moments that I've felt "alone" here, I am quickly reminded that you're here too. I hear that fast little heartbeat and watch my belly move in mysterious ways and I remember that I'm not here alone. Then I think for a moment, in a few days you'll be crying and hungry and wanting your diaper changed, so I better savor this quiet time with you and rest up. I sang you some songs this morning, and I'm pretty sure you liked them. It is quite good to remember that the Spirit of God is with us, too. Nothing is better than that, son.

Your birthdate has been "penciled in" by dear 'ol doc for Thursday morning. That's September 13, 2012 (9.13.12) Your sweet big brother's birthday is on September 20, 2007 so you two will have to flip a coin each year to see who gets celebrated. Just kidding. I actually love to host parties so we will celebrate for both of you. (Ha, as I'm lying here you just literally moved the computer with a kick.)

Here's the plan until then. The kiddos are going to Big Sky Ranch for the week, so brother will miss some school but it'll be easier for Gramma and they'll get to hang with Grandpa too. Your dad will teach his students and have a quiet house (and probably visit me a lot), and I'll be in Rm 2233 sewing you a stocking cap, and admiring my pretty flowers from sweet visitors. One dear friend even trimmed my bangs while she was here!

Love you son. We are in the home stretch. Keep developing your little lungs so you can stay in my arms and not be swooped away when you arrive in this great big world. I'm not sure I'll sleep very well the night before your due date! Talk soon.




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