Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tegegne: When I Get Bigger


When I get bigger, I'll drive you and Ababayeh in the car.
Mommyeh, when I get bigger I'll sleep in Ababayeh's bed and your bed.
When I get bigger, I'll go to Ababayeh's school with Ababayeh.
When I get bigger, I'll drive Ababayeh's motorcycle. (aka scooter)

You are probably thinking about being bigger so you will be able to do all of the things that we tell you you can do "when you get bigger." Like take things out of the oven, shave your face (and probably legs since your father does), drive the car, touch the printer, use the computer, plug things in, use Michael's drill, hammer, touch the washer and dryer buttons, use the sharp knives to cut vegetables, etc...several of these things that once you are big enough you will most likely not be interested in anymore. Funny how that works.

Baby Hensley's gonna cry a lot. I'm gonna bounce her when she crys.
I want Baby Hensley's seat by my seat.
I'm gonna hang my belt on there, like Ababayehs. That be funny?
(You wear your Native American beaded leather belt every day. It is one of your favorite things.)

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