Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tegegne: Kids Say the Darndest


All of these thoughts on the 10 minute drive to school this morning. One right after the other:

T: "Mooommmy! policeman at gas! I see policeman at gas!"
T: "Big trailor! We don't have one, but Grandpa Ben and Gramma Debby do. We can ride in their trailor."
T: "Is it Christmastime, mommy?"
M: Nope, it's almost Easter though!"
T: "Well, can we sing that Christmas song...turn the music on."
M: "I will turn the music on when you ask nicely."
T: "Please turn music on, please?"
M: So I turn the music on and he says, "That's like my drum." (hearing a drum in the song, of course)
T: "Mommy, look...tractor movin. Clouds movin'. Why clouds move?"
T: "I wanna see cows, mommy."
M: "Clouds?"
T: "No, cows!"
M: "We can't see cows in the city, gotta go to the country to see cows."
T: "Look, it's my new school!"

And we get out of the car and you go to school.

On the drive home you were still thinking about clouds and policemen:

T: "Mommy, where do policemen live?"
M: "In houses, and apartments, and maybe lofts downtown (pointing out the loft buildings downtown.), but mostly houses like us."
T: "Mommy, where do clouds live?"
M: "In the sky."
T: "Noooo, clouds live in houses! (you laugh) I gotta tell Ababayeh. He think that's funny."


  1. We have to get more of Tegegne's conversations on video. Someday he might grow out of this rapid fire conversation and talk like the rest of us.


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