Sunday, February 13, 2011

House: Kitchen Upgrades

So in order to get the much anticipated dish washer to fit into the current layout of our new kitchen we had to get a new sink and faucet. We had planned to wait a bit to do our kitchen remodel, but the dishes were not cleaning themselves so we must work in phases. We ordered this faucet and sink, plus a Bosch dishwasher. (No, not the posh Bosch that costs $1500, but one of the cheapest models which should still be quite nice and ranked high on consumer reports.) 
Ikea Pull-Down Faucet

This faucet has the handy pull down sprayer and I like that it has a single lever and single hole. I am interested to see how the knob works, though.
Elkay Sink
I wish this could have been the Kohler sink, which has even more square edges, but this one was cheaper and still has a contemporary look. It can be under-mounted which should look even better once we get the countertop we want.

This weekend Michael (and two generous co-workers) built a few walls to finish off enclosures, bringing it back to a single family home. (After the hard work and a good dinner the coworkers (from Senegal) had a bongo drum session with Tegegne!) Michael is currently installing a water softener, as we quickly discovered that hard water is not so pleasant. Poor Little Tegegne is getting gray ashy skin on a daily basis and I have been lathering on the cocoa butter. I'm working on keeping my hard workers fed, and trying to move this little girl along. She certainly is "dropping" and getting herself closer to meeting the fam. Oh Hensley, are you really going to wait until the 26th?


  1. love the new sink!! i vote for hensley to come a little early so i can have a birthday twin!!

  2. love the faucet! I love seeing stuff you are doing to the house too! i ordered a lot of our faucets offline for about a 50 percent savings..if you need some good websites I can send you links! :)


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