Friday, February 25, 2011


Hensley -
This is your mother.  She is radiant, amazing and gracious.  You won't believe how compassionate she is and how she "feels" for the neglected and discriminated.  She is incredibly intelligent and insightful.  She has a knack for making any space utile, and and comfortable.  When you come out, I just hope you know that she has looked forward to meeting you for months.  She has been planning, and dreaming, and hoping for you.  She has changed her life for you, and will continue to do until she passes.  Your mother loves well, better than any woman I have ever known.
She is impatient for your arrival, that is how much she wants to know you, feed you, hold you, protect you, raise you, and love you.
I have watched you grow in her, and she has become beautiful more and more as each day passes.  I imagine the same for you.  Come soon, and rest in your mother's arms for the first time.  She won't easily let you go, ever...

She is an incredible woman, I know that well.  You, soon, shall experience the love of your amazing mother.



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