Monday, February 21, 2011

Pregnancy: The Energizer Belly

So, this belly keeps growing and here is the lovely proof:

38 weeks

39 weeks
My due date is Saturday, but I have had lots of early contractions. One group of them lasted 4 hours and were 6 minutes apart, waking me up from my sleep. I thought for sure that was the real deal. Nope. I'm thinking the way that my contractions are going right now, that she may come tonight but that's also my wishful thinking, so please don't wait up for the news! My father-in-law just informed Michael that he is sure she will be born on March 8 (our b-day), but that is not the prediction I am interested in right now. 

It is neat to think of the similarities between this process and adopting you, Tegegne. We waited for our referral phone call and picture of you, then waited for our court date, then anticipated our travel dates. The most exciting part (that I think will be similar to really being in labor) was when we were in line at the Transition Home to meet you. You walked out holding Fami's hand with a curious look and we scooped you up. Our love for you was so real from that moment. 

Hensley, I've heard that when you are placed on my chest I will feel a special kind of love and bond with you. I look forward to this experience so much. So, come on already.

Our bags are packed. We have your sleeping basket and the tiniest diapers ever by our bed. I've got my "visualization images" printed that intend to distract me from the most intense pain ever, and I have a lovely birthing playlist. Two actually. One upbeat and one mellow. I spend half of my days in the productive squatted position or on all fours to move you in the right direction! Both positions are multi-tasking while I play with your brother. I have six books that I've read/skimmed including  Active Labor, Pregnancy, Childbirth & The Newborn, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, BabyWise, Sacred Parenting, and Safe Haven (for something off the topic) all sitting by the bed for quick reference. Most importantly, I've got a husband that is ready to be my birth partner, and a doula and a midwives team on call.

Good night. Sleep tight on my behalf. Please, may we meet you tomorrow, please?


  1. Whoooo Hooooo!!!!! I cannot wait! Good luck! Try and enjoy it as much as possible and really enjoy your time in the hospital afterwards! Stay as long as your insurance will let you! :)

  2. Praying Hensley comes soon and that the labor and delivery is everything you hope it will be....and quick! Praying for a healthy baby too. I second Jamie Jo's advice on staying in the hospital as long as insurance will let you.

  3. I keep checking back every few hours to see if she's here :) Excited for you guys and your daughter.

  4. thinking of you!! can't wait to hear the good news that sweet hensley is here. love you, kristyn.


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