Monday, February 7, 2011

The Joneses: Day to Day

Well, the snow kept us in last week, so this week we are getting back in the swing of things. For Tegegne and I it's a new schedule, and I think we are about to enjoy a few weeks together before Hensley comes. Today he got some undivided mom time that was oh so fun. He also had no timeouts, which is probably correlated to my undivided attention!

Last week I fell on the ice and my midwife sent me to the hospital so Hensley could be monitored for 4 hours. My placenta could have detached which would have caused an emergency situation, but everything turned out okay. I took advantage of hearing her heartbeat for 4 hours straight, ordering lots of food off the menu, and sleeping. 

Although half of the people who see me now comment that my baby must be coming any minute (some women even saying "Oh, Kristyn!), my midwife believes that she'll come on time (Feb 26) or late. Michael and I were born on March 8 (fyi, I'm 2 hours older), so it would be crazy if she was also born on March 8.

We had a great meeting with our doula tonight. Michael and I are in great anticipation for this labor thing to start. 

Tegegne has his second day at his new school tomorrow. He's quite excited to go back. The transition will be easier than I thought. I figured he would be very sad not to see his old friends at his "new school." 

I was quick to realize that dishwashers are not overrated, as our new house is lacking one. We had planned to remodel the kitchen later on, but we are thinking that a dishwasher would be a great idea before we are a full family of four.


Our square little Eskimo.

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