Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House: Our Bedroom

So we totally love it here. Our bedroom is my favorite spot by far. My mom just got us the sweetest Simmons desk + chair from an antique mall nearby. Early birthday present...thanks mom (+ dad)! Can you spot Owen sound asleep in the sunshine in the last two photos. Pretty sure he likes it here too. Michael made our bed for my Christmas gift a few years ago. Speaking of beds, I love this one from emmas designblogg and hope to make our bedding look similar. Also I'm thinking of white linen curtains, industrial wall mounted bedside lighting, and so on. We've got Hensley's basket and diaper stuff set up bedside for the first month or so. Should be fun!


  1. 1) I looove the desk!
    2) didn't know that fireplace was in your bedroom...AWESOME!!
    3) I am obsessively checking your blog to see if you are in labor!! come on hensely!!

  2. wow it's come so far since move in day! :) it looks amazing. the highlight in my mind is the sweet little baby basket for hensley. :) love you.


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