Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jonesing: For a Holiday + Thanksgiving Recipes

Hi there. We are so looking forward to this Thanksgiving weekend.  Then we'll trudge through to next weekend when our house will be on the Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour. After that we will really kick back and enjoy Christmas break. A break, a holiday, some true relaxation is just what we need. I've had this severe sinus toothache that makes my teeth throb. Today I warned and then apologized several times to the children for my impatience. Phew. When mama is throbbin' ain't no body better get on her nerves. Michael came home with some antibiotics from the doc. Sweet relief, please come my way before I dig to the back of the medicine cabinet for my codeine pills from surgery. 

Hensley, you had a tummy bug that seems to be clearing up, but the laundry aftermath is still going. Poor girl. You've been acting normal this whole time. It's odd, but we're glad it totally didn't wipe you out. 

Tegegne, you love school. Some days spent at home, like today, get really long, especially when I don't give you ideas of what to do. We will be glad to have dad around. He's finished sanding, mudding, and painting, so he's all ours! You had a Thanksgiving Feast at school yesterday and did a little program on the stage. You shouted out, "The Mayflower," when Mrs. Donna asked the name of the Pilgrims boat. We love your preschool. Your teacher has become a good friend of yours, since this is your third year with her!

Fields, you slept all night. Yay!  I put you to bed at 6:30, woke you at 11pm for a late night feeding (I'll usually do this right before I go to bed, normally between 9 and 10.), then you slept until 6:30am. Following that you took a long morning nap. Love you little sleeper!

We are hosting Thanksgiving and are in charge of the turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and cranberry sauce. Yum. Michael will do the turkey again via Cooks Illustrated Herbed Turkey. I'll do Ina Gardners' sweet potatoes and this year I'm going to try Pioneer Woman's stuffing.  The rolls will be from our Artisan Bread book and the cranberry sauce will go in the crock pot. 

Cooks Illustrated Herbed Turkey - From this book
Ina Garten's Sweet Potatoes
Pioneer Woman's Stuffing
Artisan Rolls - From this book
Heather's Cranberry Sauce: Crockpot

With lovin' from our oven,



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