Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interior Design Tips: From My Home to Yours

Hello. It's Monday. Let's get this week started with a drumroll, please. (Holy cow, I meant Tuesday. It's Tuesday. Monday was so good I wanted to do it all over again.)

Tip #8. 

Take drapery floor to ceiling and puddle it.   

Put that curtain rod up high and let the fabric drape down low. How low can you go? Can you go down low? All the way to the flo? Below are some examples and good sources with more detail on the topic (Note: I wish I had more time to discuss all of these tips/topics, but I've linked some good posts on drapery and puddling below!) :

Puddled drapery. 
Works well in a formal setting. (This length is more of a trouser than a puddle.)
Puddling also works well in a casual setting. 
These drapes barely puddle and I love their minimal track style mounting. 
Big puddle. Very casual and cozy.

Puddling also works in patterned drapes. 

I love this inexpensive and lovely way to hang drapery. Piping, rope, and gauzy twin sheets! You have to see the rest here.

I Dream of Drapery - check this out for simple tips and photos with dimensions.
Ragen has good tips on drapery types and fabric + details.  
Roses and Rust - good post on puddling.

Good day to you whether you're living in a Monday or Friday mentality,


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