Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preschool: And Politics

Yesterday I pick Tegegne up from school and he enthusiastically shares some news:

Tegegne: Mom! Obama is the new president!
Mom: (I'm thinking, wait, it's only Monday, right? Did I forget to vote?) Really? How do you know that?
T: Because we voted today and Obama won.
M: Oh yeah, did you vote for him?
T: No, I voted for the other president...what is his name?
M: Mitt Romney? Why did you vote for Mitt Romney?
T: I just felt like it. He likes horses and granola and skiing. Skiing! Obama likes his dog and chili and basketball!
M: Cool. Do you know who your friends voted for?
T: No, it's a private secret. Can I go with you when you vote?

(Thank you, Scholastic, for giving our kids a chance to vote in a friendly way!)



  1. laughing so hard at "Horses, Granola and Skiing...Dogs, Chili and Basketball"


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