Friday, November 9, 2012

Interior Design Tips: From My Home to Yours

Hello friends. I thought I'd share some tricks of the know...little tidbits about design that may inspire you to rearrange, move that chair "over there", or buy something new since we (at least the northerners and midwesterners) are about to be spending more daytime hours inside. So bring it on winter. Bring all of your bone chilling winds and wicked snow drifts. Our homes are about to be so inviting that we will no longer dread those dark winter nights.

(I must give a shout out to my old boss and dear friend, Tracy, at 360 Architecture who taught me many tricks of the trade.)

Over the next two weeks check back periodically as there will be 10 of at a time.

Drumroll please. 

Tip #10.

Lighting. For the love of lighting put a dimmer on that switch! 

Lighting sets the mood, and offers the unspoken gesture of peace in the room. If it's an overhead light, a dimmer is a great idea. If you can't rig the dimmer, then at least put a lamp or two in the room and turn off the overhead light, to keep a soft glow present.

For setting the mood, an incandescent light bulb will put off a nice yellow glow.

The house above has lovely evening light, doesn't it? It looks so warm and inviting in contrast to the cold winter outdoors. 

There you have it. Tip #10. Stay tuned my friend.


(DeForest Architects House.)

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  1. hi :) i typically read your blog because of your posts about adoption (i'm very fascinated by it, but have no personal experience with it) - but seeing as you're going the 'design tips' route, maybe i can actually contribute to the discussion haha
    i agree with dimmers being a must! i even love it in our bathroom for those 'please-no-bright-lights-in-my-tired-sleepy-eyes-middle-of-the-night-bathroom-visits'...

    but rather than using only a lamp or two, i suggest having three light sources in each room. this could include a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some could be task lighting, some just ambiance, under cupboards, behind glass doors in cupboards, glass shades, fabric shades... just three different sources spread out at different levels and different areas of the room


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