Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interior Design Tips: From My Home to Yours

Drumroll please. 

Tip #9.

Do not transition paint colors on an outside corner. Do you know what I'm saying? No? Okay, then I drew up two little rooms to show you what I mean. This first one here shows the walls all white except for the blueish wall paint accent. What this dear couple wanted was an accent color in the room. What they didn't realize is that they should have wrapped the blueish paint around the outside edge of the room. See the orange arrows. This is the transition I'm speaking of. This fine couple should treat the walls not as 2D planes but more like 3D objects. Think of keeping one object one color. Photo two, with the paint wrapping the edge makes for a much more finished look. The blueish paint edges get to hide out in the corners and not be fully exposed as in Photo one. 

(Click here in case you missed Tip #10!) Oh, and I must this. First, this fine couple could use some art/mirrors on their wall and a few chairs to complete their room layout (but hey, I'm drawing on a tight time schedule here...all the kids are napping!) And secondly, I do admire their sweet sofa. (its still my fave!)

Thanks and stay tuned!

Much love from your designer friend,


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